10 Ways To Decorate Your Home With String Lights

String lights give both the interior and exterior of your home a magical feel. They are also versatile lights that can be used to decorate your walls, mantels, headboards, patios, trees, bookshelves and railings. To enhance your home’s décor, you can add string lights to create a warm, homey, and even romantic ambiance. For 10 inspiring ways to decorate your home with string lights, keep reading below!

1. On sheer curtains

Moon Star LED Lights

One great way to enhance your living room’s décor is by hanging string lights on your curtains. If you have white sheer curtains, make use of white string lights for a spectacular match. White string lights can also look great on a number of sheer curtains like black, yellow and cream. This combination will make your home appear brighter and more chic!

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2. Create a photo gallery

String Lights Photo Gallery

Combine your favorite photos into a small photo gallery by handing them on a string light. This will accentuate the pictures in your gallery in an eye-catching way!

3. Light up your empty bottles and jars

String Lights Glass Bottles

Combining string lights with glass by putting them inside bottles and jars is a perfect way to bring more ambiense into the room. There are string lights that are specifically designed for this purpose.

 4. Accentuate your walls

 String Lights on The Wall

This is one very simple and beautiful way to decorate your home with string lights. To do this, purchase as many string lights as you deem necessary and hang them down your walls. If it’s a plain wall, you can hang up some framed pictures for an enhanced effect.

5. To frame your window

String Light Around Window Frame

Framing windows with string lights give your room a novel vibe. While you can choose to use fairy lights for this design, globe lights are the best choice –especially if you have a large window. Globe lights will brighten up your window frame even in the day time!

6. For your bed canopy

String Lights Above the Bed

If you have a canopy over your bed, you can hang fairy lights over it. This will make your room décor interesting and captivating, especially at night!

7. Brighten up your backyard

String Lights Backyard

To light up your entire backyard, link your string lights from your trees to your roof. This will give your backyard a magical, warm glow at night.

8. Make your patio glow

String Lights Patio

Spice up your patio’s décor with string lights. This will make your patio a place you want to hang out at every night!

9. Enhance ambiance in cozy space

String Lights Ambiance Home Decor

If your living room has a cozy theme, you can enhance this team with string lights. Just hang it around your room however you like and enjoy the warm glow!

10. To separate layouts

String Lights Space Separation in Home Decor

Do you have a dining area in your living room? Or do you have a small gallery in a corner of your living room? If you do then string lights can be the perfect item to separate these layouts because while creating the demarcation, they also add fascinating lighting to your home!




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